New 3.3V 20×4 display with 4/8 bit, I²C and SPI interface

MMS Electronics Ltd has available an exceptionally versatile line of alphanumeric and graphic displays for use in industrial and commercial applications. The latest addition to the popular 1×8, 2×16 and 3×16 display family is the new 4×20 (line x char) EA DOGM204-A high-contrast easy-to-read STN and FSTN display.

Supply voltage +3.3V without the need to supply a negative voltage. The low power design ~250µA makes it ideal for use in battery applications.  The display can be wired for 4bit, 8 bit, 4-wire SPI or 2-wire I²C interface. The onboard SSD1803 display controller has a choice of three different fonts: Cyrillic, English-Japanese and European.

Display and backlights can be ordered separately. 3 different backlights are available white, amber and a dual green/red. The dual backlight option is ideal for applications where a green (normal) or red (warning) status indication is required.  Without a backlight the displays are only 2mm thick and 5.8 mm including the LED backlight. Outline dimension 66x40mm with view area 63x26mm.  The slim design and low power makes the EA DOGM204 ideal for handheld or battery powered instruments.

A simulator tool and USB test board EA 9780-3USB is available to help with development. Without any programming the display is pictured on the Windows™ desktop and powered via USB when connected to the test board. Text typed in the editor is also displayed on the display.  The EA 9780-3USB test board can also be used with the graphic DOG display series. In graphic mode bitmaps dragged into the editor are shown on a graphic display.  When using the dual color or the RGB backlight different colours can be selected from the DIP switches on the board.

In the EA DOG display series MMS Electronics has a further 11 display sizes available starting from 1.5” to 3.9” with 4 bit, 8bit, SPI and I²C interface.  See for further details.

MMS Electronics Ltd is authorised supplier for Electronic Assembly Gmbh, IcNexus, Storm keypads, Smartec sensor and Excelera.

Display products include: Dot matrix LCD, TFT, OLED, ePaper modules, DOG chip-on-glass, eDIP intelligent displays, Windows, Linux and Android OS displays with I2C, serial and USB interface, stylish display bezels, serial and USB interface boards, analogue and resistive touch-screens and keypads. 

Smartec sensor products:

  • SMT 160-30 Digital temperature sensors with PWM output.
  • SMT IRMOD09 Infra-red temperature sensor with I2C output. 
  • SMT SPD Digital and analogue pressure sensors.
  • SMT UTI Digital sensor transducers for resistive and capacitive measurements. The SMT UTI has 16 modes and can measure capacitance starting at 0 to 2pF.

Excelera Frequency transducers:

  • UFDC-1 Universal Frequency-to-Digital Converters with RS232, SPI and I2C interface. These transducers can measure frequency signals, RPM, pulse, PWM, phase shift with an accuracy of 0.0005%. 
  • EVAL-UFDC Toolbox evaluation board for UFDC-1
  • USTI-MOB Low power Universal sensor and Transducer Interface starting at 15 µA. Ideal for battery powered application.
  • USTI-EXT Universal sensor and transducer interface for extended temperature (-55ºC to +150ºC) for use in or near gearboxes, engines, exhaust systems and brakes. RS232, SPI and I2C interface.

Please contact MMS Electronics Ltd with your display or sensor enquiries.

Come see us at the NEC National Electronics Week 8-10 April 2014

Full part numbers of the displays listed in this article:





EA LED66x40-W

EA LED66x40-A

EA LED66x40-GR

EA 9780-3USB

MMS Electronics Ltd

Tel 01943 877668

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