New 24-bit analog input Modules expand possibilities on Campbell Scientific Dataloggers

The new CDM-A108 and CDM-A116 analogue input modules allow easy expansion of Campbell Scientific datalogging systems. They feature a 24-bit, analogue-to-digital converter and a low-noise, analogue front-end to provide superior analogue measurements. The new modules also support period average measurements and include both current and voltage excitation channels.

The CDM-A108 has eight differential input and two excitation channels. It provides a 12V and a switched 12V port for powering peripherals and two switched 5V ports for peripheral control. The CDM-A116 doubles the channel counts for a total of 16 differential inputs, four excitation channels, two 12V ports, two switched 12V ports, and four switched 5V ports.

Familiar CRBasic instructions keeps programming simple making using these modules as easy as using any of the datalogger’s built-in channels. In pipe-line mode, the modules’ measurements can be made in parallel with the host datalogger’s built-in measurement hardware without any additional measurement time.

The CDM-A108 and CDM-A116 are the latest additions to our family of Campbell distributed modules (CDMs). CDMs connect to the datalogger using the CAN (Controller Area Network) peripheral interface (CPI), a proprietary measurement bus. Campbell Scientific’s CR6 datalogger includes an on-board CPI bus, allowing the CDM-A108 or CDM-A116 to connect directly to it. Other dataloggers connect to the CDM-A108 or CDM-A116 using the SC-CPI Datalogger-to-CPI Interface.

By providing these powerful features, the CDM-A108 and CDM-A116 will serve a wide range of applications to better meet your measurement needs.

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