New 2-Slot USB/LXI Modular Chassis

Pickering Interfaces, a leading provider of modular signal switching and simulation for electronic test and verification, is pleased to introduce their new 2-Slot USB/LXI Modular Chassis.

The new 2-Slot Modular Chassis (model 60-104) offers a small, lightweight form factor ideal for portable, benchtop and space restrictive applications. The chassis is designed for desk or rack mounting and features remote control via USB or LXI Ethernet. Remote control over a network enables the switching function of a test system to be located as close as possible to the target equipment. 

The chassis supports one or two Pickering 3U PXI modules. Possible system configurations include switching matrices up to 1104 cross-points, 396 channel multiplexer or up to 36 channels of programmable resistor/sensor emulation. 

“For quite some time, we have had requests from our customer base for small form factor switching system to address portable applications as well as the need for switching to be as close to the UUT as possible. We now address those needs with the addition of the 2-slot USB/LXI chassis to our catalogue. We feel that there will be a lot of demand from the test community for this product.” commented Keith Moore, CEO at Pickering Interfaces. 

The 2-slot chassis is USB3 compatible and has a fully compliant LXI interface. These communications standards enable the chassis to be controlled directly through standard interfaces found on most personal computers and tablets that support HTML5, offering a very practical route into a variety of applications in the modular test and measurement market.

Pickering Interfaces stands behind all of their manufactured products with a standard three-year warranty and guaranteed long-term product support. Pricing and availability information are supplied on their website at

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