Multi-platform Data Acquisition

Lascar’s EasyLog range of data loggers is a comprehensive family of sensors allowing users to monitor a variety of parameters including temperature, humidity, voltage, current, carbon monoxide and events. Users can choose from a variety of platforms to program their loggers and download data including USB, WiFi, Bluetooth and GSM. Combining robust hardware design with simple, easy-to-use configuration and download software, the EasyLog range has a monitoring solution for multiple applications, complexities and budgets.

Flexible USB Communication

The EasyLog USB family communicates via the USB port in any PC or laptop and stores up to 32,000 readings. Using free Windows software for set-up and data download, users can choose a logger name, sample rate, alarms and start mode before recording. After data has been collected, it can be graphed or exported to Excel for further analysis.

The EasyLog GFX range brings a more advanced feature set to the monitoring of temperature and humidity. As well as an increased memory of up to 250,000 readings, GFX sensors also have an on-board display showing real-time trend graphs and data summaries. An on-screen menu allows for users to start, stop and restart their loggers in the field.

Bluetooth connectivity

The EL-BT range measures and stores up to half a million readings using Bluetooth technology to set-up and download data on any Android phone or tablet. The EL-BT app guides users through both set-up of the unit and data download. Downloaded data can then by saved, uploaded or emailed.

Utilise GSM for remote comms

The EL-SMS range uses the GSM network to send summary monitoring data via SMS to users who need a comprehensive overview of any monitored environment but can only access devices remotely. Once programmed, these devices can be left in the monitored area sending text messages to a mobile phone in the event or an alarm breach or left to communicate daily, weekly or monthly summaries.

Your data. Anytime, anywhere

For users who wish to use their WiFi network, the EL-WiFi range allows users to remotely save data from their sensor to either a host PC or Lascar’s FilesThruTheAir Cloud site. Both interfaces provide remote access to the stored data and real-time alerts of alarm conditions. The Cloud-based service adds email alerts, access to data and the ability to change settings from any web-enabled device, limitless data storage, multiple sites in one account and multiple user access with assigned account privileges.

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