Motion capture camera gets specialist new lens

During the re-design stage of a product – some camera, sensor and instrument manufacturers faced with ageing products are tempted to try to reduce cost by incorporating non-optimal ‘off-the-shelf’ lenses and lens systems.  However adopting this strategy necessitates accepting risks including having little control over security of supply and that ‘off-the-shelf’ lenses typically provide compromised performance compared to an optimised specialist design.

Driven by the impending obsolescence of two off-the-shelf lenses in their 4 mega pixel camera – a motion capture device manufacturer approached Resolve Optics to replace the two critical components.

The motion capture camera used a very large format sensor which was making it difficult to find an alternative secure supply of lenses that provided the desired image format, resolution and field of view (FOV). Drawing upon over 20 years of specialist lens design experience – Resolve Optics was able to design and manufacture lenses that exactly matched the camera performance and image format, something that the previous lenses had not done. As a consequence the camera performance was improved thereby increasing the market life of the product and improving its competitiveness.  For a small cost premium, over the ‘off-the-shelf’ lenses, the motion capture camera company were able to gain security of supply for these critical components.  In addition a commitment that the high performance lenses would not be sold to any company operating within the same field ensured that their new competitive advantage would be maintained.  

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