Miniature pressure sensors with increased media compatibility and digital I²C bus interface

First Sensor presents the new digital Sensortechnics HMI pressure sensors with I²C bus interface. The piezoresistive sensors measure differential and gage pressures from 100 mbar up to 10 bar full scale. Due to a special internal construction the HMI sensors achieve increased media compatibility on one pressure port to measure liquids and gases.

The HMI pressure sensors utilise precision digital signal conditioning to enable Total Error Bands (TEB) better than ±1.5 %FSS over a wide temperature range of -20…+85 °C. The Sensortechnics HMI series offers very small SIL and DIP housings with a selection of pressure ports for tubing connection or manifold mounting. The devices provide versions with 5 V and 3 V supply. All HMI sensors can be modified according to customer specific requirements. Digital SPI bus interfaces and analogue output signals are available on request.

Important features of the new HMI series:

  • Increased media compatibility for liquids and gases
  • Pressure ranges from 100 mbar up to 10 bar full scale
  • Total Error Band (TEB) better than ±1.5 %FSS from -20…+85 °C
  • Very small SIL and DIP housings with a selection of pressure ports 


Typical applications of the HMI pressure sensors include industrial, pneumatic and environmental controls, HVAC, analytical instruments, as well as all pressure measurement tasks where increased media compatibility and pressure ranges up to 10 bar are required.


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