Martindale High Resolution Tek101 Finds The Live Wire

Now available from Martindale Electric is the latest non-contact voltage indicator, the TEK101, designed specially to discriminate between adjacent live conductors where standard voltage indicators struggle. The high resolution capability of the TEK101 improves safety and saves time on-site.

The TEK101 is a pocket sized, non contact voltage indicator which conforms to CAT IV 1000V safety regulations.  Simple to use, the TEK101 offers voltage detection from 180V to 600V AC by generating both an audible alarm and bright LED visual indication.  The TEK101 features an extended tip with optimised sensitivity to discriminate between individual adjacent live conductors and gain access to confined and hard to reach spaces.

The new non contact voltage indicator from Martindale Electric incorporates a unique built-in proving device to continuously self check the tester is correctly functioning, thereby eliminating the need for a separate proving unit.  This integral self test facility activates the sensor in the tip of the testers at 50Hz, as well as checking the battery and LED, to ensure the entire circuit and not just the indicator LED is tested for complete safety.

Suitable for a range of residential, commercial and industrial applications, the TEK101 features a compact design, making it ideal for carrying in your pocket – ready whenever you need it!

Supplied in a rugged and ergonomic ABS housing, the TEK101 indicator from Martindale Electric, leaders in safe isolation, is supplied with battery and Martindale’s comprehensive two year guarantee.

For more information, please contact Martindale Electric on 01923 441717 or visit

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