Make your Instruments & Sensors instantly “SMART”!

The NanoULTRA™ packs a big punch!

  • Easy connectivity, with huge range of options
  • World beating low power performance
  • On Board SD card “flight recorder”
  • Instant SmartHub access for Internet of Things!

This Universal RTU includes

  • 4 Instrument grade Analogue inputs
  • 4 Digital in + 4 out, optically isolated
  • Modbus
  • On Board SD card
  • Serial, I2c, SPI
  • GSM
  • Power up and see it instantly on-line with the CDL SmartHub
  • For the full technical datasheet visit our website

Low Power RTU

Over 4 years battery life based on writing to the SD card 1/sec and reporting to the CDL SmartHub 1/hour.

Application Areas

  • Instrumentation monitoring
  • Remote Asset monitoring and control
  • Embedded solutions for OEMs
  • Power monitoring
  • Smart Buildings
  • … and many more!


CDL SMartHub

From the moment you power up the NanoULTRA you can see & manage everything from the SmartHub portal.

01905 754078

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