Low-Cost Temperature Data Acquisition Modules now available from Data Translation

From July 1, 2016, Data Translation Germany will also sell the data acquisition products from the manufacturer Measurement Computing. For a wide range of PC-based temperature measurement applications the USB-TEMP, USB-TC, and E-TC series of low-cost, easy-to-integrate data acquisition modules are now available for Windows, Linux, or Android.


These modules with USB or Ethernet interface provide eight temperature channels for direct access of thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, or semiconductor temperature sensors. Depending on the module, the input channels also accept voltage measurements up to ±10 V. 24 bit resolution and high-precision electronics guarantee a measurement accuracy that exceeds the sensor specifications. 


The web-enabled WEB-TEMP and WEB-TC DAQ modules have integrated webserver capabilities for easy access over any internet browser. In addition, software solutions are available that are perfectly adapted to the devices, such as the well-known DASYLab, DAQami, or TracerDAQ.


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