Looking to stand out from the crowd?

Utilising a new range of Mono RGB displays from Intelligent Display Solutions  (IDS), you can now add different colours to your display.

Incorporating high–end Osram RGB LEDs into our backlights means that you no longer have to make do with just white or blue background and text on your display – why not chose: red, pink, teal, salmon, lime, azure?

Aside from matching the colour of your company logo, or allowing your end customer to match the colour of your display to their system, these RGB backlights also have other serious uses.

There is nothing clearer to see than a whole display changing colour, rather than reading the text written on it. So if you are recording a temperature, you can use the RGB backlight to match the recorded temperature, i.e. changes from blue to green to orange to red as the temperature increases.

Or in an alarm state, a flashing red backlight is very easy to see, when its normal condition is set to green for example.

Maybe you would like to show when your unit is in engineering mode, or is booting up? – Change the background colour to easily show which state or mode your device is running in.

16 x 2

128 x 64

256 x 128


We have introduced this backlighting technology into 3 of our standard products: 16 x 2 character display, 128 x 64 and 256 x 128 graphics displays, across 4 different technology groups;









Controlling the backlights can be achieved with either fixed resistors (achieving 6 colours), or via PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control enabling 1000’s of colours to be generated.

To help with development and speed to market we have produced a number of accessories;

Break-out boards: All the connections brought out to industry standard 0.1” pin headers.

Demo system: SD card plug and play system, enabling you to start showing images in seconds.

Example code: Working code already written for Arduino, pi and microprocessor, available here: http://i-groupuk.com/ids-universal-01/

For the 128 x 64 and 256 x 128 graphics displays we have also introduced a resistive touch screen.

Purchasing of these displays and accessories couldn’t be simpler – all of our products are available for next day delivery through RS Components.

16 x 2

128 x 64

256 x 128



RGB FFSTN Negative


RGB FFSTN Negative


RGB FFSTN Negative


16 x 2 Breakout Board


RGB FSTN Negative


RBG FSTN Negative


RGB FSTN Negative


128 x 64 Breakout Board


RGB FSTN Positive


RGB FSTN Positive


RGB FSTN Positive


256 x 128 Breakout Board


RGB STN Positive


RGB STN Positive


RGB STN Positive


Demo System





The experts here at IDS have been designing and selling displays for over 20 years now, so if you have a display question or problem, our team will be able to find you a solution.

For any enquiries please contact: info@i-lcd.com or call: 01635 294600


Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1Pogaenpac&t=33s

Other videos will be posted by the end of July. 


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