London Electronics has released a new range of high precision digital panel meters and large digital displays

The INT4 and Fusion4 series accept a wide range of industrial sensors and signals, such as load cells, 4-20mA, potentiometers, proximity sensors, quadrature encoders, thermocouples, PT100 and AC and DC voltage and current. They can also be used as slave displays, accepting addressable RS232 or RS485 and a wide range of industrial field-bus protocols.

Their unique attraction is the ease of setup and calibration, allowing for fast, stress-free commissioning, saving time and money. Their resolution, precision and stability is impressive, with 6 full digits available for displaying most industrial variables. The displays can be further configured to display 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 digits with leading zero blanking.

In weighing applications, the displays include an effective filter to ignore the effects of vibration, ensuring high stability and resolution of weighing performance.

The displays can be remotely tared and commanded to display nett or gross weight, making them an economical, easy to use and off-the-shelf solution to many filling applications such as ready mix concrete and food recipe formulation.

In-flight compensation is a standard feature, which can be set as a fixed in-flight value or automatic tracking to continuously correct for materials which may change in consistency. They all come with a three-year warranty and are designed and manufactured in their new factory in Bedfordshire.

An impressive choice of digit sizes suits most industrial viewing distances. Digits can be ordered as 14mm, 57mm, 102mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm and 400mm high. The Fusion large displays are sealed all-round to IP65 and are designed for use in wash-down and outdoor environments.

These versatile digital panel meters and large digital displays can have a wide range of output options fitted, including high precision sinking or sourcing 4-20mA or 0-10V, serial data, 2 or 4 alarm relays and can accept a number of logic inputs to add useful control integration capabilities.

With such versatile instruments, London Electronics Ltd sells to an increasingly wide range of industries and is able to provide own-label badging for clients who wish to promote them as an accessory to their own products.

The manuals and labels are printed in-house, so even small batch runs can be produced with your own logo and corporate feel for the operating manuals and labels. This gives sensor manufacturers, system builders and OEMS a very low-cost route to market for including high performance, reliable measuring products in their offering.

Yet more versatility is ensured by the software architecture of these products. They can be readily customised to function in ways which are only apparent to designers of custom systems.  So if you have a special application, needing truly bespoke functionality, there is a very good chance that London Electronics can help. Examples include cloud-based interfacing with the instruments to allow remote visualisation and control of systems, data logging, graphing, email and SMS alerts, forecasting and sharing of KPIs on factory-wide displays.

To see examples of these truly impressive digital panel meters and large displays, take a look at London Electronics’ web site, with these dedicated sections…

Digital panel meters – general –

Digital panel meters – weighing / load cell –

Digital panel meters – speed –

Digital panel meters – process –

Digital panel meters – counting –

Digital panel meters – RS232 or RS485 slaves –

Large display counters –

Large display clocks –

Large display serial slaves –

Takt timer displays –

Production rate meters –

Bargraph displays –

Downtime analysis systems –

Andon displays –

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Thorncote Road, Near Sandy, Bedfordshire SG19 1PU

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