Lab-Power; High Power DC Power Supplies.

Lab-Power’s range of DC power supplies are a natural choice for any application requiring a compact, efficient, high performance Programmable DC Power Supply. There are a wide range of models from 3kW to 150kW available offering just the voltage and current range you require and with over 400 models to choose from, there is a power supply for every application…

The front panel control features Intuitive operation with variable voltage and current control which can be set and displayed on the high visibility display. In addition to voltage and current, power and resistance can also be displayed. 


LAB-Power LAB DC Range

Voltage 0-15V 0-1500V

Current 0-2A to 0-3000A

Power 3kW to 10kW

150 Models

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LAB-Power LAB DCH Range

Voltage 0-20V 0-1500V

Current 0-2A to 0-3000A

Power 5kW to 60kW

150 Models

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LAB-Power LAB DCH Range

Voltage 0-20V 0-1500V

Current 0-2A to 0-5000A

Power 60kW to 150kW

100 Models

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Lab-Power Power Supplies combine their advanced digital control with switch mode technology to give a clean stable output to power today’s most demanding loads.

Application include.

  • Automotive EV HEV
  • Aerospace and Satellite Test
  • DC Motor Testing
  • Telecom and IT Industry
  • Automated Test Equipment
  • Solar Panel Simulation
  • Water Purification
  • Semiconductor Testing
  • Battery Charging and Testing
  • Electroplating
  • Plasma

Lab-Power continue to lead the industry in achieving outstanding power densities ensuring the most compact units possible. All Lab-Power Programmable DC power Supplies have been designed and built in Germany to meet exacting standards and have proved highly effective in laboratories, test and production environments, indeed anywhere that reliable power is required. Safety of valuable equipment is assured by an Over Voltage Protection feature: if either the operator of the power supply, or the device being powered exceeds the preset OVP value, the supply shuts down and will not automatically come back on line until it is manually (or remotely) reset.


  • Compact design, up to 94% efficient
  • High performance
  • Power range from 3kW to 150kW. More by paralleling several units
  • Intuitive front panel operation
  • Fast response to load changes
  • Constant current/voltage/power /resistance simulation
  • Over Voltage Protection – the output shuts down at the programmed level
  • Short-circuit and overload proof
  • RS232 & Digital/analogue control interfaces (Standard)
  • Solar simulation software with Lab-View driver is available
  • Temperature controlled fans, no unnecessary noise
  • Air flow is front to back, no additional cooling needed in racked systems
  • Long life at full power
  • Master/Slave parallel and series configurations
  • Output On for preset time, Volts/Amps per second slew, both user selectable
  • Special versions on request. High slew rate option available

Lab-Power DC Power Supplies are sold exclusively in the UK by Telonic Instruments Limited.


Tel: 0118 9786911

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