Italian technical high school turns to Tektronix TekSmartLab

A top Italian high school for applied sciences in Lecco, Italy has outfitted its electronics instruction laboratory with Tektronix bench test instruments and TekSmartLab, the industry’s first network-based lab instrument management solution.

The recently updated laboratory at the Istituto di Istruzione Superiore ‘A. Badoni’ enables instructors and lab managers to focus on helping students gain the critical hands-on skills they need to excel in the real world.

The Instituto di Istruzione Superiore ‘A. Badoni’ has a reputation for one of the highest rate of immediate employment after high school in Italy. To help student keep pace with the latest technologies, the institute has equipped six benches in its electronics teaching laboratory with TBS1052B-EDU oscilloscopes and AFG1022 arbitrary function generators tailored for educational users.

TekSmartLab enables professors and lab managers to proactively manage classes before, during, and after lab sessions using such capabilities as batch instrument configuration, centralised status monitoring and wireless retrieval of test results, managing inventory with serial number identification, and measuring utilization per student.

TekSmartLab also makes life easier for students. Instead of having to use USB thumb drives to connect to oscilloscopes, students can now retrieve test results wirelessly by scanning a work station specific QR code with their smartphones. TekSmartLab allows students to remotely access and control instruments, download courseware, obtain results and produce reports using smartphones, tablets or PCs.

“In traditional teaching labs, setting up equipment and managing instruction programs can be tedious and time consuming,” said David Farrell, vice president, EMEA Commercial Operations at Tektronix. “In contrast, TekSmartLab automates those functions and puts the focus where it belongs – on the students. There’s no question that students at Istituto di Istruzione Superiore ‘A. Badoni’ will be well prepared for what they will encounter when they head out into the real world.”

“This investment in a new state-of-the-art teaching laboratory from Tektronix will provide unparalleled learning opportunities for our students,” said Sergio Chillè from Istituto di Istruzione Superiore ‘A. Badoni’. “This new installation of the TekSmartLab solution gives our students and instructors access to the very latest internet-enabled electronic test equipment and defines a new standard in student laboratory facilities.”

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