Istanbul plays host to an international emissions monitoring event

CEM 2014 is the 11th in a series of international conferences and exhibitions focusing on the monitoring of emissions. Taking place at the Renaissance Polat Istanbul Hotel in Turkey from the 14th to the 16th May, CEM 2014 provides an international focus for anyone involved with emissions to air, and registration has now opened.. 

The CEM Conference will feature speakers from 13 different countries covering a wide variety of subjects within the event’s emissions monitoring theme. Registration costs either €595, or €360 per person per day and provides access to both the CEM 2014 Conference and the associated exhibition, in addition to complimentary lunches and refreshments.

The opening presentation and welcome speech will be given by Mr Soner Olgun, Head of the Laboratory, Measurement and Monitoring Department at the Turkish Ministry of Environment. The Conference will address the most topical issues relating to emissions monitoring and will contain four main themes:


  1. Regulation –  international and industrial
  2. Standards, quality assurance and control
  3. Equipment innovation
  4. Case studies


Several pollutants will be covered by the presentations, which will also address process and emissions monitoring issues for all types of regulated processes including power stations, steelworks, industrial processes, combined heat and power plants, energy from waste systems and carbon capture. For example, one of the speakers will describe the application of FTIR monitoring technology to emissions from Germany’s vast biogas industry.

Air quality and climate change are two of the major challenges facing the world, so a heavy responsibility is placed on the shoulders of those that monitor, control and regulate emissions to air. CEM 2014 therefore provides visitors with the opportunity to catch up with the latest regulatory requirements and standards, and with the technologies that are being developed to comply with them.


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