ISS Europe 2018: Google and CEI-Europe Talk AI, Machine Learning and Workforce Development

With just over one week before ISS Europe 2018, 4-6 March in Dublin, Ireland, industry growth is on the minds of the leading industry analysts, researchers, economists and technologists who will come together for critical insights into the forces shaping the electronics manufacturing supply chain.

The three-day flagship business conference will feature a panel discussion on the role of Europe in the global electronics manufacturing supply chain and related business and technology trends. The Day 2 discussion will home in on critical strategies for growing Europe across the supply chain and elevating the region’s impact on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other potential enablers of European competitiveness and technology leadership. 

SEMI caught up with two industry leaders presenting at ISS Europe 2018 for their insights on technology and talent – two pillars of future industry expansion. 

Google: AI, Machine Learning and Ethical Solutions

David Sneddon, director of Large Customer Sales for Central Europe

SEMI: As a Director of Large Customer Sales for Central Europe what is your primary focus? 

Sneddon: Right now my focus is mainly on advertising and marketing sales. For instance, I look after the advertising reviews for Google and YouTube for the DACH/CEE region. Our team offers both digital marketing advice as well as advice on logistics, translation of advertising and web assets, localisation of web/app assets and payment solutions.

SEMI: What do you think are going to be the main challenges for the industry in the next two years?

Sneddon: I think our industry will face two main challenges. For the technology industry as a whole, and in particular for the advertising sector, the first challenge will be to recognise the perception of the growing power of technology. Google, Facebook, and other big players should work closely with governments and regulatory officers in order to build trust. This is gaining importance within today’s users and leaders should commit to building trust. A second challenge is related to the growing importance of big data, AI and machine learning: industry players should be able to develop useful technologies but, most of all, ethical solutions.

SEMI: Industry wide, what work/technology/trend has excited you this year?

Sneddon: Innovations in machine learning and AI show how much machines can do to improve our daily life. Think about how Google Translate has developed. The first version was not so accurate but since the introduction of Google Neural Machine Translation system (GNMT), which takes advantage of deep neural networks, translations and sound are more accurate. If 2017 was huge for advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, 2018 may deliver even more.

SEMI: What do you expect from ISS Europe strategic discussions and why would you recommend attending the event?

Sneddon: I am attending SEMI ISS Europe for the first time and expect to hear peers’ high-level debates on the future of the industry, to be inspired and contribute myself. Top industry players should attend this event to stimulate the exchange of strategic discussions around innovation and technology. The key message that we, as leaders of this exciting industry, should deliver refers to the ethical aspects I have mentioned before. It is up to us to be prosperous and ethical at the same time and deliver positive messages for the year ahead.

CEI-Europe AB: Smart Training for Smarter Engineers

Ann-Charlotte Johannesson, CEO

SEMI: As a CEO for CEI-Europe what is your primary focus?

Johannesson: At the moment, my main focus is to refresh our approach in e-learning. CEI-Europe has organised classroom courses since 1980. We see now that there is a major need for e-learning courses and digital platform, so this is what I have been doing recently. Very soon a new website with a refreshed look and feel will be available.

SEMI: What do you think are going to be the main challenges for the industry in the next decade?

Johannesson: The industry must keep employees educated to keep them motivated and happy. As we all know, there is a lack of engineers in Europe. Fewer people are doing more work and, as a result, there is less time to stay on track with innovations, updates and trends. The investment in learning is happening but it is not enough. The industry’s main challenges will be: How do I train my team? How do I attract new people? Traveling to attend courses might be expensive and time-consuming, but a good alternative is to set targets for the training, learn what your company needs and offer individualized solutions. This is the way to prosper and stimulate people working in a fast-growing industry.

SEMI: In what ways do you think the industry can change for the better?

Johannesson: When it comes to education, it’s important for businesses to see it as an investment, not merely a cost. Think about the future, and invest in the future.

SEMI: What do you expect from ISS Europe strategic discussions and why would you recommend attending the event?

Johannesson: I’ve collaborated with SEMI a long time and am excited about presenting our perspectives for the future. I expect to meet and network with key leaders and discuss the main challenges for Europe and how to overcome those. How do we train smarter engineers? See you in Dublin!

The combination of insightful presentations and unparalleled networking opportunities amongst senior industry leaders at ISS Europe promises to help stimulate ideas and strategies to take advantage of the opportunities that are rapidly developing in our industry.

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