Introducing a new MEMS IMU for motion sensing applications

Willow Technologies presents Silicon Sensing’s new SUPERIOR DMU30 MEMS IMU alternative to ‘FOG-grade’ IMUs. The robust north-finding DMU30 is the first in a family of high performance IMUs for use in exacting motion sensing applications ranging from unmanned vehicle navigation to mapping and surveying.

“We are excited to see the advanced development of the DMU30, it’s a ground breaking product that continues to undergo rigorous calibration and testing at Silicon Sensing’s prestige IMU laboratory and test facilities,” said Martin Pearce, marketing director at Willow Technologies.

Beta customer product trials have begun with highly encouraging results. The DMU30 is smaller, lighter and more cost effective than FOG-grade IMUs and continued development of Silicon Sensing’s prestigious family of high performance IMUs will result in the inclusion of barometers and magnetometers in future models.

“Without question the DMU30 is not only affordable at a third of the price of an average FOG, it also is impressively without compromise in the quality of performance,” concluded Pearce.

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