Instant temperature monitoring from TME

Imagine recording all your temperature tests in an instant – no writing, no thinking – just zap the barcode and move on.

No, it’s not a dream! MM7000 thermometers deliver all this and more: fully integrated paperless spot checks AND 24 hour monitoring for every workplace.

This innovative system is at the centre of TME’s robust, high accuracy temperature range, which the company is proud to exhibit at Sensors & Instrumentation 2017 (Stand K12).

MM7000 barcode scanning thermometers are unique in using programmable barcodes to record not only the date and time of any given temperature but also the exact identity of what has been tested.

Why use Barcodes?

Barcodes already exist in every workplace, are free and easy to produce, and can be assigned to any product, appliance or temperature point. They can also be programmed with high/low alarms; used to generate on-screen prompts, or even to record a shift change or the name of the user.


Battery powered, with no Wi-Fi required, each instrument stores up to 1,000 readings at a time, which can be downloaded to phone, PC, laptop or tablet via Bluetooth or USB. Combined with a network of fixed wireless radio monitors, the MM7000 offers a complete 24 hour monitoring system.

Easy to use

The MM7000 is compatible with a wide range of thermocouple sensors and probes to suit every application – and with just one screen to navigate and few buttons to press it’s as easy to use as a supermarket shopping scanner.

About TME

TME is the UK’s leading manufacturer of handheld thermometers, probes and sensors for all air, surface, insertion and immersion applications: 100% British-made and exported to over 50 countries worldwide.

A family-run business with over 25 years’ in experience, TME delivers high performance equipment for all workplaces – from food processing, food service and HVAC to transport and logistics, legionella risk prevention, and oil and gas. TME is a CESA member and FPAL registered.

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Choose from over 600 thermometers and probes; specialist sensors and waterproof temperature kits – or request a bespoke item made to your specification. Everyone at TME is passionate about thermometry. Contact us for expert advice on the best solutions for your business.

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