Industrial Infrared Pyrometers with a wide variety of communication options by LumaSense

The IGA 140/23 is ideally suited for measuring low temperature metal, ceramic, graphite and other material applications starting at 50 °C. With both low (50 to 700 °C) and high (150 to

1800 °C) temperature ranges, the IGA 140/23 gives manufacturers flexibility in the range of processes covered. This robust pyrometer is effective in induction, tempering, annealing, heating/cooling, and various other processes that occur at lower temperatures.

This pyrometer is designed with a reduction in moving parts to minimize the maintenance requirements. The instrument requires no start-up time and allows for immediate readouts. With a variety of communication options, such as RS232, RS485, ProfiBus, ProfiNet, Ethernet, the IGA 140/23 is capable of interfacing with virtually every production system available in the marketplace.

LumaSense Technologies GmbH,

Kleyerstr. 90, 60326 Frankfurt/M., Germany

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