Increase efficiency and cut maintenance costs

Based in Alton, Hampshire, we have been operating for over 30 years as the UK subsidiary of Testo AG, selling products throughout the UK and Ireland. Testo Limited also offers instrument service and calibration from our independently accredited ISO 9001:2008 and ISO17025 laboratory. The requirements for practical measurement solutions are becoming increasingly more complex and customised. At Testo we have made it our business to recognise these customer requirements in industry and trade, and to translate them permanently into new technologies. We carry out our own intensive research, and for decades have been at the cutting edge of our sectors.

The use of thermal imaging cameras as a maintenance tool in industry is rising and people are increasingly recognising the savings and benefits that it can offer businesses. This coupled with the decreasing costs of thermal technology has made thermal imaging cameras to become accessible to organisations regardless of size. Preventative maintenance on mechanical and electrical equipment is one of the key growth areas for the use of thermal imaging cameras, as it allows engineers and surveyors an unrivalled level of diagnostic insight. The full range of Testo thermal imaging cameras offer superb screen size, thermal sensitivity and picture resolution to ensure the best possible reporting capabilities. Not only are thermal imaging surveys an excellent means of trouble-shooting electrical and mechanical equipment, but regular inspection allows for the early recognition of potential problems or defective components. This will save time and money on unnecessary downtime or more drastic maintenance due to issues created by undiagnosed defects. A Testo thermal imaging camera will keep you on the cutting edge of industry technology, increase your insight and set you apart from your competition.


Testo 870, the newest addition to Testo’s range of Thermal Imagers

The Testo 870 has been designed in co-operation with building and heating contractors, service engineers and facilities maintenance specialists. Thanks to its large display, high quality detector, wide field of view and uncomplicated operation, the Testo 870 allows you to work faster and more productively. Additionally, the 870 includes features usually only associated with more expensive cameras, such as automatic hot and cold spot recognition to help make quick diagnostics. The 870-2 variant of this great thermal imager incorporates a built in digital camera so a visual image is automatically taken and stored in parallel with the thermal image.

Are you looking for a multi-functional maintenance instrument?

If you are, then the Testo 435 Multi-Function instrument is the one to choose. Measuring all the key parameters needed to determine Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and the efficient installation and maintenance of Ventilation and Air Conditioning (VAC) systems. The Testo 435 can be used to measure CO2, relative humidity and air temperature to ensure conditions are at the correct level and to indicate whether air conditioning systems are working at optimum efficiency. A range of thermal probes, vane probes and Pitot tubes are available to allow engineers to take measurements of air flow at various points in a building.


The new generation of Data Loggers

We have a range of 13 compact Data Loggers, especially suited for professional monitoring of temperature, humidity and absolute pressure in various applications such as; measurements in industrial, production and maintenance processes. The 175 and 176 series are secure and easy to use, with a one button menu structure and a USB and SD card interface, the readout of the data is fast, clear and user friendly.

Testo will be exhibiting at the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Show in February. Visit us on stand P33 where we will be showcasing our Thermal Imaging Cameras, Multi-Function instruments, Compressed Air Counter, Humidity Transmitter and the full range of Data Loggers. Speak with Testo representatives to find out which instruments are most suitable for your needs and get hands on experience with the instruments to see the quality and find out how they work.

To see the full range of products visit or call 01420 544433 to speak someone in Technical Sales.   

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