Imetrum’ s non-contacting alternative to LVDTs

  • Have you ever tried to install an LVDT in a tight spaced area?
  • Do you want to save time, money and be measuring safely?
  • Has the installation of an LVDT influenced the testing (e.g. inside a wind tunnel)?
  • Would it be great to have 2 and 3 axis measurements from the LVDT rather than single axis?

Imetrum has developed a non-contacting LVDT measurement tool within their Video Gauge™ software suite for their component testing and structural monitoring systems.

Imetrum’s proven measurement systems give precise, traceable data across most testing and monitoring requirements for materials; components; assemblies and structures. They are powerful, camera-based displacement sensors that slash test setup times, reduce cost and deliver accurate, rich data sets. Imetrum 3D Precision Displacement Tracker (PDT) and Dynamic Monitoring Station (DMS) systems are a highly flexible alternative to LVDTs, DTIs, EDMs, encoders, laser trackers and potentiometers.

The Imetrum virtual LVDT tool allows precise measurement in hard to get to spaces as long as the measurement can be seen by video. As it is non-contacting, then it will not influence your test data, like a physical LVDT would when trying to measure displacement inside a wind tunnel and the airflow being affected by the sensor.

The tool provides additional data by giving displacement in both the x axis and the y-axis, and if in 3D the z-axis, thus giving extra information previously not available.

Having to set up LVDT’s on poles and other mounting options could prove costly and time consuming. If measuring outdoors then this may mean obtaining possession orders and closing off roads, bridges and rail tracks. What if you could take these measurements without having to obtain possession orders? Quick and easy to set up, testing could begin within 15 minutes and not hours as previously experienced.

This is all now available with the Imetrum LVDT measurement tool.

Imetrum is a world leader in the field of camera-based, non-contact precision measurement. It has been developing non-contact measurement systems since 2004. Various companies in the motorsport, civil engineering and academia have embraced the technology to improve their testing, whilst saving money and time.

Based on their innovative Video GaugeTM software, Imetrum’s measurement systems are characterised by their measurement resolution, accuracy, versatility and efficient work flows as well as offering unique measurement tools such as 2D and 3D optical LVDTs and measurement of true shear strain. Video Gauge™ manages the control, capture, processing, and analysis functions for all Imetrum’s non-contact precision measurement systems. It is built on top of Imetrum’s® patented sub-pixel pattern recognition technology.


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