Growning Position Range Including Linear Potentiometers, Rotary, Joysticks and String Pots

StrainSense is pleased to offer our new range of Linear Potentiometers to the Industrial, R&D and Automotive markets. Using proven ‘conductive plastic’ technology as a voltage divider, the sensors offer a range of features suitable for both harsh environments and clean room test applications.

The technology utilises a set of ‘cats claw’ style contact fingers, which essentially provide multiple redundancy during operation, high operating speeds up to 10m/s and a precise contact with the element, which provides a near infinite resolution without backlash.  All of our Linear Potentiometers offer a standard linearity of less than 0.5% (0.2% available by selection) and the life expectancy is measured in millions of cycles.

Using an innovative seal design, StrainSense offer an IP67 seal option for each sensor type. This enables the sensors to be used in environments where water, coolants, even fuels are present, but without being continuously immersed. A typical use for our MS-94 series is in the autosport industry, where world-class motorcycle race teams use the sensors for measuring shock absorber and throttle displacement.  The sealing comprises of a PTFE U spring design, a Viton O ring and Felt which seal around the shaft and help to stabilise the guidance of the contact assembly.

The construction of other sizes in the range follow the same design principles, simply in alternative body sizes, to achieve longer stroke lengths and provide a mechanically robust sensor for your application.  Internal components include a Peek bush and a Peek contact carrier, which provide high internal strength and reliability as the sensor experiences changes in ambient temperature, high vibration and usage.  Careful choice of all materials offers up to 175C short term, 150 C continuous.

The larger MS-19 series offers stroke lengths up to 300mm, suitable for heavy industrial, off road and automotive test applications. These physically rugged sensors operate effectively, without being unduly influenced by the environmental conditions.

Many applications require a custom installation or sensor design and StrainSense are well placed to provide a solution. Custom options for sensor design include dual outputs (redundancy), return spring, flange mount, specified retracted mounting distance, stroke length, cable length, and even the colour of the housing may be produced to suit the aesthetics of your installation.

Recently a 4-20mA two wire amplifier has been added to all ranges with housings 13mm diameter and above.  This addition makes no change to the external dimensions of the sensors.

Heavy duty industrial linear position sensors are also available in 50-1000mm stroke lengths, life to 50 million cycles and a variety of process outputs.

Further additions to the position sensor range                                 

A wide range of rotary position sensors, joysticks and string pots are also available as part of our expanding range of precision sensors for all industry sectors.

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