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Gas detectors are devices that alert users of hazards, including toxic and flammable gases and oxygen depletion, within a specific area. They are employed as part of a safety system in order to prevent incidents such as risk to personnel or damage to facilities.

Two primary categories of gas detectors exists; fixed and portable. Portable instruments are designed to protect personnel wearing the device, whilst fixed gas detection systems are static and provide secure monitoring of processes within a designated area.

Cambridge Sensotec specialises in the manufacture of Rapidox gas analysers. Due to the strong relationships developed with a number of companies we are able to offer a wide range of complimentary gas detection and monitoring instrumentation. Exclusive website pricing has been applied to a number of products, providing our customers with generous cost savings. For further information on industries utilising such products, please visit our application page.


BW Technologies


BW Technologies by Honeywell is a world leader in the gas detection industry with a strong commitment to providing high performance and dependable gas detection solutions. Manufacturers of the comprehensive range of portable GasAlert detectors.


Industrial Scientific


Dedicated to the protection of human life on, above and below the earth, Industrial Scientific manufacture gas detectors and monitoring systems for use within potentially hazardous environments. Their range of products includes portable multi and single gas detectors.


Oldham Gas


Specialists in the design and manufacture of fixed gas detection products and systems, Oldham Gas pride themselves on their undiluted focus to maximising performance, quality and reliability. Their gas detection products meet all major international certification standards.


Status Scientific


Status Scientific Controls Ltd manufacture and supply high-quality gas detection equipment for the detection of hazardous and non-hazardous gases. The very latest technology is utilised in the production of their range of fixed gas detectors and low-cost control panels.




A self-supporting company formed by BS-AC advanced divers, Vandagraph Ltd specialise in the supply of oxygen and mixed gas equipment to cater for the requirements of divers. Products have been specifically designed for diving.




Viamed develops and produces a range of innovative products, including oxygen monitors designed for use within the medical profession and digital nitrogen analysers for vehicle testing.




For 70 years, WITT Gas Techniques have produced high-quality gas equipment. Their products include a range of leak detection systems and the Oxybaby® handheld gas analyser that is specifically designed for the food/packaging (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) industry.



In addition to the extensive range of products on offer, Cambridge Sensotec also provides calibration and servicing of gas detection and analysis instruments, calibration gas and an installation service for fixed gas detectors.

Due to the configurable nature of some of the products it is not possible to offer online purchasing. Please contact a member of our sales team for further advice on +44 (0)1480 462142 or email


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