For protective case solutions one size doesn’t fit all

The EXOcase is a British product designed, patented and manufactured by Protechnic. The EXOcase combines the convenience of a custom fabricated case with the durability of a moulded transit case. The EXOcases shock absorbent Exo-skeletal design ensures maximum protection of high value instrumentation and sensitive equipment during storage and transportation.

The EXOcase was inspired by nature’s beetle tank, the stag beetle. The initial concept of utilising an outer skeleton for toughness at the point of impact was first conceived by Protechnic in 2009. Since then the product has been through many design reviews, field trials and has undergone extensive military testing.

The team work with you to design and create a custom fitted solutions for your transit needs. Combining maximum protection and security with portability and reliability.

We can offer a range of panel materials including light-weight polypropylene honeycomb where weight is an issue. For heavier duty applications we would use a phenol faced marine grade case panel.

Boasting 22,000 square feet of cutting edge manufacturing facility located just outside of Bristol (UK) we are constantly striving to improve our quality of product and technical ability. Equipped with CNC Water jet cutting, UV Printing, Laser foam engraving, CNC routing and precision engineering equipment we are able to customise and tailor every detail of our product. From full colour UV branded artwork to laser engraved part numbers and logos we design our product around yours, leaving you in no doubt that your product is in safe hands inside one of our EXOcases.           

Protechnic has been designing, manufacturing and distributing high performance transit solutions for 25 years. With our ISO9001 accreditation ensuring the highest of standards our products are known for their quality, reliability and resistance to the most demanding and harsh environments. Offering customised branding, sizes and incredible range of interior configurations to suit your needs. One size doesn’t fit all – one manufacturer does. Protechnic.

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