EMC testing services will increase efficiency and lower testing costs on client projects

ByteSnap Design, a specialist in embedded systems design and development, has expanded its electronics design capabilities by investing in a testing chamber, and launching an early EMC testing service.

As one of the few electronics design consultancies to have a chamber, ByteSnap Design’s EMC testing service enables it to identify and fix any issues prior to external testing – so de-risking a project and resulting in significant cost and time savings over a project lifetime.

EMC testing services are used as part of the CE marking process for electronic products sold within the EU, whilst other territories have their own strict protocols, such as FCC for the USA.  

Early testing minimises the risks of failing a formal EMC test. Failure rates can be high, especially in complex projects using current high frequency and high-speed components.

Businesses that leave testing to the latter stages of product development, face a number of disadvantages. EMC test houses focus on independence and are often unable to recommend fixes for problems, as any advice given can conflict with their role as testers. When estimates are provided by test houses, they are usually on the basis that the device will pass first time. In reality, this is often not the case and upon failure a design engineer is called in to diagnose the issue, rework the design and support subsequent tests, all while the clock is ticking.

ByteSnap Design’s new EMC chamber will be also used to make comparative signal strength measurements for low power radios to check performance over time, or the effect of modifications. While this service is not a replacement for R&TTE testing, it will reduce project timescales and increase efficiency.

Dunstan Power, director of ByteSnap Design commented on the company’s new offer: “The chamber is great news for clients, as through our EMC testing services, they’ll get an even more cost effective production service.  Our clients will gain a clearer picture of how well the product is working, prior to going through the formal approval process. Our new chamber will identify any issues early and contribute to minimising the cost of fixes and avoiding repeat testing.”

To find out more about how ByteSnap Design’s EMC testing services can help with your product development project, please visit: www.bytesnap.co.uk.

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