Electrocomponents celebrates £1bn of online revenues

Electrocomponents has achieved the significant mark of £1bn of annual digital revenues. This milestone has been reached as a result of the company’s continuous investment in digital innovation and confirms its status as one of the UK’s largest online businesses in the industrial space.

In recent years the company has implemented a complete marketing outreach programme whilst making thousands of enhancements to its websites, many of them a result of customer feedback and behaviour. This investment has increased traffic levels and made its websites faster and easier to use, ensuring the business gives customers a market-leading online experience.

Digital is at the heart of Electrocomponents. Founded as a catalogue distributor in 1937, the company’s digital offer has transformed the business following the launch of its first website in the UK in 1998. The Group now has 60 websites worldwide registering around 10 million visits each month. Digital has also driven its revenue growth, with online sales increasing fourfold in the past decade, up from £246m in 2007.

Lindsley Ruth, CEO of Electrocomponents, stated: “This is a major landmark for us that cements our position as a global force in the B2B digital space. We constantly evolve to stay ahead of the market, adapting to the needs of our fast-moving and highly knowledgeable customer base – this is what sets us apart in our industry. By remaining focussed on digital innovation, we will become first choice for our customers, suppliers and employees.”

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