Eldon Customization Services, designed to work for you

Eldon is not only well known for its broad range of electrical enclosures and accessories, but also for its “can-do” attitude to meeting the customers’ needs. Practical examples of the company’s customer-focused approach are the Express and Advanced Customization services that provide a fast response to any project requirements.

Express Customization is all about speed
Eldon has established Express Customization Centers at its warehouses throughout Europe, offering fast and efficient machining for Eldon off-the-shelf enclosures and other products, locally. 

Customers have access to instant online quotes, thanks to a web based tool for specifying project requirements. The process is fast and accurate, based on customer drawings and, above all, the service is all about speed. Hole making, threading and cut-outs on standard enclosures are performed locally with impressively short lead times, delivery being made within 5 working days.

Designed for maximum speed and efficiency, the Express Customization service includes cut-outs, such as rectangular, circular and other types in any part of the body or door of an enclosure, and holes and threaded holes in different dimensions. The product ranges that can be processed include mild steel and stainless steel floor standing and wall mounted enclosures, terminal boxes in several different materials, as well as many accessories, such as side panels.

To make Express Customization a user-friendly tool, Eldon has developed an online Tool Kit for AutoCAD that will guide you though some of the most common machining operations we can offer. Thus, working online, using the same drawings as the Eldon engineers, you can configure the desired machined enclosure within minutes, as well as obtain an instant price quotation for the work.

Advanced Customization to specific requirements
Some applications demand complex customization. Eldon’s manufacturing capabilities and its modern technology allow fast production of customized enclosures, while keeping cost under control.  

Eldon can manufacture enclosures with an array of special solutions: holes, threading, cut-outs, increased corrosion resistance, custom colours, transparent windows, ventilation louvres, welded studs, and many more.

Moreover, Eldon offers mechanical assembly services at very competitive rates, with the specific aim of taking over some of your labour-intensive assembly work. And, to ensure your custom enclosure configuration is according to the international standards, we offer support in obtaining additional or specific certification for your enclosure configuration.


Eldon. Enclosure solutions for you.

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