Easy to use fixed frequency DIN Rail mounted filters

The Kemo range of signal filters covers, easy to use fixed frequency DIN Rail mounted filters, with gain, and IEPE inputs, through to computer controlled multichannel filter amplifier systems. Systems are all based on many years of expertise in the field of analogue signal filters. Kemo systems feature low drift, high channel matching, ease of use and long life. Kemo Filters are designed and manufactured using the latest surface mount technology in the UK.

The Kemo DIN rail mounted filters units combine Kemo’s extensive knowledge of signal filtering with a DIN rail case, screw connections, and a 24 V DC supply. With the combination of gain, easy installation, and a wide range of filter responses the Kemo DIN Rail filters are an easy solution to many industrial signal problems. Filters are available to cover a wide range of applications, general purpose noise reduction, anti-aliasing, signal reconstruction, and notch filters to reduce unwanted frequencies, as well as traditional Butterworth and Bessel filters.

The BenchMaster 8 series of variable filters are now in their 5th generation, two channels of high performance analogue filter, plenty of gain, signal level indication, and flexible input front end all in a compact, solid 1U high package. This versatile instrument has set the standards for laboratory and industrial filtering, providing a reliable general purpose filter amplifier with a frequency range, and filter responses to suit virtually all applications.

The Kemo VBF40 combines programmable amplification and high performance analogue filtering in a versatile easy-to-use package. Ideally suited to today’s hard-working flexible data capture and analysis applications. The VBF 40 has a unique combination of input gain, 5 built in filter responses, and output gain. This combination makes the VBF 40 a flexible signal filtering and amplification unit with capabilities suited to a wide range of applications.

The VBF 40 is available as a full width 19″ rack with up to 16 channels, and a compact 4 channel VBF 44 unit. Stainless steel front panels, passive cooling, easy to use front panel controls, BNC input/output front panel connectors, and a very versatile set of filter responses are among the details which make the VBF 40 a top range laboratory filter.


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