‘Easy pressure sensor parameterization with smartphone app

The Sensor Master Interface SMI is used to set parameters of electronic pressure switches such as switching points, output function and switching delay time as well as to adjust the measuring range of submersible pressure transmitters. By reading the device data, the connected pressure measurement device can be precisely identified and the parameters can be checked.

The parameterization of Trafags electronic pressure switches NAT 8252, NAH 8254 as well as NAR 8258 can now be carried out easily and directly on site with the Sensor Master Interface and the corresponding smartphone app.

Until now, electronic pressure switches with different device configurations had to be kept in stock. In addition, optimization during system development was quite complex. The Sensor Master Interface (SMI) and the associated Smartphone App Sensor Master Communicator (SMC) eliminate these circumstances: The electronic pressure switch to be configured is connected to the SMI. Afterwards, the parameters can be easily and conveniently adjusted using the SMC app when the Bluetooth connection on the smartphone is working.

Trafag electronic pressure switches

The parameters of the electronic pressure switches NAT 8252, NAH 8254 and NAR 8258 include switching outputs, the hysteresis and window function modes with the NC and NO options. A delay time can be defined for each switching output. A “Device ready” monitoring mode is available for the second switching output. In this mode, the output status changes as soon as the start-up phase is successfully completed. If an error occurs during operation of the electronic pressure switch, the output returns to idle mode.The electronic pressure switches are based on the proven device types NAT 8252 (0.5%), NAH 8254 (0.3%) and NAR 8258 (railway applications) and are available with 1 or 2 PNP switching outputs. A maximum switching current of 400 mA is permissible in the sum of both outputs over a temperature range of -40…+85°C. However, 200 mA are permissible over the entire temperature range (-40 to +125°C).These characteristics make the NAT 8252, NAH 8254 and NAR 8258 electronic pressure switches versatile devices in applications such as mechanical engineering, refrigeration, process engineering, hydraulics or even in rail vehicles.

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