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DJB’s latest product release:

Low High Pass Filter

Available as a single channel DC powered unit or up to 9 channels in AC/DC powered chassis.

Boasting many features, please see our website for the full specifications.

For those of you who know anything about DJB in recent times it speaks volumes to announce a fresh intake of staff. With newly appointed Sales and Marketing Assistants it is obvious at the outset that DJB is on the way up, “back in the saddle” and gaining momentum fast! Customer satisfaction continues to be a top priority with new products being released to keep up with demand from across the globe. Boasting many features the Low/High Pass Filter is the latest product to be released, available as a single channel DC powered unit or up to 9 channels in AC/DC powered chassis. For full specifications please contact DJB. Other new products include the micro miniature IEPE triaxial AT/18 one of the world’s smallest IEPE or Charge triaxial accelerometers.

LHP Filter Features:

  • Input Overload Indicator
  • Frequencies: Full range of filter responses available, Butterworth, Bessel, anti-alias & general purpose
  • Switchable High/Low Pass
  • Single ended/differential input
  • Modular System
  • 6 Gain steps to x50

LHP Filter Specifications:

For full specifications please contact DJB

Following their small business category victory in 2015, this year DJB will be in the running in the medium sized business category for the East Anglian Daily Times Business Awards, celebrating an impressive 35% growth in 2015. With the restructuring of the business including loyal, dedicated & experienced staff, fresh blood coming in and training schemes underway some may say “The future is bright…the future is … purple!”

DJB branding has been tweaked to reflect where the company currently stands, including fresh modern imagery, an updated strapline “Sensing, Engineering, Innovation” and purple becoming a predominant colour within the brand and of course not to forget the introduction of Dynamic Don… Our technical expert offering guidance and expertise for all your concerns and queries. He takes pride of place in the latest Technical Reference Guide, listing not only the latest products but technical savvy to ensure the correct usage and therefore optimising the accuracy of data results.

A downloadable version of the new Technical Reference Guide will be available on the DJB website very soon. If you’d like to receive a printed copy contact Sarah at DJB and one will be sent through the post hot off the press.

DJB’s new Technical Reference Guide will be coming out soon.

Contact us for a copy hot off the press

There is a strong focus to the future, developing new products whilst working in partnership with Loughborough University. The KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) has been just one aspect of encouraging growth with future generations. Peter Strutton, Business Development Manager at Loughborough University, said: “This collaboration allows us to make big strides forward into the world of next generation wireless technology where microsensors can be used discreetly in small spaces, without affecting the behaviour which is being monitored.”

Neill Ovenden, DJB’s Managing Director said ‘We feel privileged to be working with one of the UK’s leading engineering universities, and look forward to learning from the team as well as passing on our own industry experience.’

The company is also active in apprenticeship training with two apprentices having completed their education in the last 12 months and 2 new apprentices already having started with the company.

So, why use DJB? It can seem a risk to change from what you are used to or know but sometimes the rewards far out way the risk. Let’s consider the facts…

DJB design, engineer, manufacture and assemble all in-house, all based within the UK, just a phone call away or a visit if required. This means greater, closer control over the entire process and quality, allowing for individual customer requests to be managed and processed without coming into third party politics and therefore problems. Can their competitors say the same? DJB offer training and refresher courses “Accelerometers, the truth and more” being the latest, including a factory tour. Feedback has been very positive with reports of data quality improvements as a result of attending. June 22nd and November 16th currently have spaces remaining. Please contact DJB for further information.

Customer service seems to be the word on the street. Considering the size of their global competitors DJB customer service packs a huge punch, a real confidence booster when the time comes and you need support and advice, it’s nice to know DJB will have your back 110%.

DJB’s services include a rare option of cable repairs, for cables from any manufacturer, this can aid budget control as well as helping to contribute to a greener future. Calibration of accelerometers, and signal conditioning equipment is available with a full report given on each device. Again DJB offers a specialist service all based in-house to provide calibration checks to ensure and maintain accurate readings.

DJB has taken a hard look at itself, made adjustments and have come out the other side fighting fit and waiting for the next challenge. Are you happy with your current setup or need technical advice to support your work? Let us be part of your future. Would you like to be part of ours?

01638 712288

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