DJB in 2016 a Review and 2017 What’s to come?

How do you sum up 2016 after Brexit, Trump, Sterling Plunges ……
‘A year of change’……‘Difficult’…… ‘Challenging’……’Interesting’… or even possibly ‘OMG??!!’

At DJB, 2016 has certainly been a busy year with new staff expanding the team and numerous new products being introduced and a major increase in our export business, so for us our summary is ‘Exciting’.

Before we look at what 2017 has in store for us and indeed you, our customers, let’s look back at the past 12 months, here’s a snapshot of our product introductions and company highlights as a reminder of the new things available from the UK’s only T&M accelerometer manufacturer, still Designed , Engineered and Manufactured in Britain .

  • Product release A/127 – miniature mono axial teardrop IEPE accelerometer only 1.9gms
  • Product Release AT/18 – micro miniature IEPE triaxial accelerometer only 1.2gms
  • Product Release LHP Filter – Low / High Pass Filter modular instrumentation
  • Product Release CV9 – 9 channel IEPE and Charge amplifier
  • New Technical Reference Guide – detailing latest products supported with technical reference information
  • DJB’s research into wireless accelerometer technology introduced to the global market at a major Aerospace Conference in India – Lamsys 2016
  • Specialist cable assembly facility growth, increased stock and cable variety
  • Cable Repair Service for all manufacturers, including our popular free cable inspection offer
  • Apprenticeships continue within DJB as a starting point for younger members of staff, two new apprentices joined the company in 2016

As we said a busy and exciting year along DJB’s growth and development plan with a significant focus on our growing overseas export business.

Now a look forward, what are our plans for 2017, that is without giving too much away… a few major steps included here too.

  • The end of our wireless accelerometer KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) project in September 2017 should bring a finished wireless miniature accelerometer to the market, something many of our customers are waiting for, we are nearly there.
  • A new range of DC response accelerometers along with associated signal conditioning instrumentation, another long-awaited addition that many want from a UK manufacturer
  • Product upgrades to the CV9 range to include a range of new features
  • A number of new IEPE and Charge output accelerometers
  • Our overseas expansion plans will continue, a number of new exhibition and customer visits in major global markets.
  • A new KTP application and hopefully a whole new field of research for DJB engineers.
  • More training courses and a new training program with one of our market partners.
  • Much much more!!

DJB has always been a global supplier and over the last 4 years the world of DJB has taken on a real global feeling not only through our export sales growth and new distributor partnerships but also within the business. Over the last year our work on the KTP with Loughborough University and the technology presentations at LAMSYS 2016 in India has opened up a new and exciting world and encouraged our development plans further.

There is something that hasn’t changed here at DJB however and it is something that we have no plans to change, our commitment to excellence in customer service has always been at the heart of the business, it is a very British attitude and one we are proud of, we have found it is the most valued of our services, whether it is technical support or up to date information and enquiry responses, we will continue to be the best.


Why Choose DJB Instruments?

If you are considering updating your current sensors/instrumentation, it’s well worth a call or drop us an email. We are ready and able to aid your bespoke requirements as well as offering full technical support/training when you need it most. When considering the size of DJB’s global competitors DJB customer service packs a huge punch, a real confidence booster when the time comes and you need support and advice, it’s nice to know DJB will have your back 110%. One thing is for sure, Customer Service is a top priority.

Ask about our:

  • Trade in scheme – discounts available when you trade any accelerometer against a new DJB model.
  • Cable repair – send up to 20 cables for a free repair investigation and report, save money and be ‘GREEN’ to boot.

Are you happy with your current setup or need technical advice. to support your work? Let us be part of your future. Would you like to be part of ours?

01638 712288

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