DJB accelerometer calibration services extended

DJB Instruments UK Ltd is pleased to announce the completion of the extension to their accelerometer calibration facility. This work has included both physical expansion of the climate controlled space in addition to new calibration sweep options. Historically all calibration sweeps offered by DJB ran from 10Hz up to a maximum of 10kHz and although this was possible at different ‘g’ levels it was otherwise limited. The new capability offers both a low and high frequency sweep providing everything from 2Hz right up to 15kHz using a fully automated and Nationally traceable system

As a manufacturer of accelerometers an in house calibration facility is essential due to the high quantity of accelerometers that require calibration prior to shipping, however not many people appreciate this facilty also provides a re-calibration service for almost any type of accelerometer from any manufacturer.

DJB’s Quality Manager, Gary Chadwick, said of the expansion ‘We are increasingly being asked to extend our standard calibration offering particularly when we re-calibrate accelerometers, whilst we recommend an annual calibration period we do find that some customers are sending them every 6 months.’, he continued….’we have seen a big increase in re-calibration work in the last 12 months, our knowledge with accelerometers enables us to offer an effective and fast turnaround for any piezo-electric charge and IEPE accelerometer and this has proven to be a great benefit to our customers.’

The new calibration facility is fully operational and available for new and existing customers to send accelerometers for calibration to the standard or extended calibration sweeps.

In addition to the calibration service, DJB are able to offer replacement cables and even a repair service for existing cables, for more details about this and the calibration service please contact our sales team.

Sales on +44 (0) 1638 712 288 or email

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