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DEWESoft have just announced a new on-line facility available for all engineers, technicians and students wishing learn or to enhance their knowledge of data acquisition techniques, sensor applications and software analysis. Enrolment is at and is FREE, so anyone can join the process, which is split into individual courses with each course followed by an optional quiz, which evaluates the student’s knowledge. Success at each quiz results in certificate and with 10 certificates a DEWESoft Pro T-shirt is awarded. Each quiz can be completed in stages at the users discretion and provides the opportunity to review specific parts of the course. For full details go to

Rugged IP67 EtherCAT DAQ system

DEWESoft launches KRYPTON, a NEW range of data acquisition modules with Ethernet connectivity and compatibility with existing DEWESoft products. KRYPTON modules are truly plug-and-play, requiring no setting of IP address and operate over 100m between modules in a distributed system, allowing each module to be located very close to the sensor, thus reducing unwanted cables.

8 channel & 16 channel thermocouple modules provide 100Hz sample rate and support a wide range of types. Voltage modules are available with 4 channels and 8 channels sampling at 100KHz with 24 bit resolution. A three-channel strain gauge module with internal bridge completion is also available

NEW Data Acquisition System for the Transport Business

In almost all areas of transport, from the train, automotive or aircraft manufacturers to the transport system operators, the need for accurate, engineering measurement systems has never been greater. Frequently, the need to take portable measurement equipment into remote locations requires battery operation and rugged construction, whilst retaining the full measurement capability of a laboratory-based system.

Performance of the transport vehicle or system is key and measurements will involve gathering data from many different types of transducers, such as Strain Gauges, Accelerometers, Load Cells, Thermocouples, Pressure Transducers and of course Voltage and Current. A typical measurement application is often referred to as Road-Load Data collection, which involves measurement of vehicle structure, suspension system, steering and other parameters during operational use and this data is used to optimize vehicle performance.

GPS positioning is also often used in conjunction vehicle data recording as it provides engineers with valuable information related to the measurements being taken at any one time and if this is also used with video then the complete picture is available, with GPS, Video and Data, all synchronized.     

Measurement Applications

Dewesoft have developed a number of application-specific measurement packages for the transport industry, such as Power Analysis, applicable to the Rail Industry with hardware data acquisition measurement systems capable of recording many channels of voltages up to 1.4KV

Video recording whilst acquiring data has been used in many railway measurement applications around the world and one of the most interesting is videoing the pantograph whilst acquiring data from the electrical contact, so engineers can examine exactly what is happening when contact is broken.

Measurement Innovation

Using the very latest dual core ADC technology DEWESoft have been able to develop a new data acquisition system called SIRIUS which offers a range of input channel configurations, all with 1kV isolation and dual-core 24bit-200kS/s ADC technology which means that the smallest and largest signals can be captured simultaneously without worrying about the input measurement range.

SIRIUS is also available in 16 channel slices and a new model is now 1MS/s 

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