Demand side management – it’s a fantastic idea and you offer brilliant service.

Is your kit in the same league?

Even though it’s a strategy that’s still got a long way to go, we’re all agreed on the potential benefits of demand side management. Suppliers like yourselves have seen the opportunities and grasped them. You’ve worked with forward thinking businesses to deliver genuine savings both in their expenditure and in their carbon emissions. You’re easing the strain on our generating capacity and making renewables a more viable option. Well done. We salute you.

May we ask a question though? Is the monitoring equipment you use as good as it could be? We’re not making a judgement, but we know that the best results for this technology can only be achieved with reliable, fast and accurate frequency monitoring. You need equipment that isn’t thrown out by high levels of harmonic noise – kit that can be relied upon to remain stable and report under all sorts of operating conditions. And you need monitors designed for the real world, powered from a universal input mains supply.

Our SD037 frequency monitor, with its inbuilt, 3 pole, low-pass Bessel filter, is widely used in energy management. Those in the know think it’s the best. We’d like to suggest you check it out. Because if it’s better than the kit you are using, you’re missing a chance to deliver savings and earn income. 

To find out more about the SD037 model, or our approach to measuring and control, call 01204 819021 or visit

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