Data cable transmission tester launched

SignalTEK CT from Ideal Networks is a tester for those who need to prove that copper cabling has been installed correctly and can support Gigabit Ethernet
applications to IEEE802.3ab.

This carries out two primary tests via its Autotest function. The wiremap test displays crossed pairs, opens, shorts and split pairs; while the data transmission test performs at 100Mbit/s or 1000Mbit/s, providing 100% load on that link from both sides. This provides a clear reading if the link can support the desired Ethernet speed.

The tests perform to the IEEE802.3ab standard by measuring if all the frames arrive at the other end of the cable by having two handsets, allowing for one
person testing. In addition, Pass/Fail results are displayed on the screen and can be saved to a USB memory stick.

According to the company, the data cable transmission tester has been developed to essentially bridge the gap between verifiers and full-blown certifiers, enabling a more affordable method of testing installations, while ensuring the work is defect-free and documented to meet end-customer’s expectations of quality and reliability.

The tester is both rugged and durable, and delivers proof confirming that the installed links run at Gigabit Ethernet transmission rates, the company explains.
It comes in a kit with display and remote unit as well as rechargeable batteries, patch cables, power supply, multi-lingual manual and a carry case.

Ideal Industries Networks

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