Data acquisition systems for measurement professionals

Data acquisition systems from Dewetron & Dewesoft are used worldwide by measurement professionals in the automotive, aerospace and transportation sectors.

The combination of innovative front-end hardware coupled with dedicated intuitive software provides users with fast and reliable measurement results.

According to the company, preparation for any measurement project can often be tedious and time consuming, with the added uncertainty of signal parameters. With the introduction of dual core, 24bit, A-D technology, this uncertainty is said to be eliminated as both small and large signals can be captured with equal resolution at the least sensitive amplifier setting, providing up to 160dB dynamic range. Typically, the signals to be recorded and analysed come from a variety of sensors such as strain gauges, accelerometers, load cells, flow meters, thermocouples, RTDs, etc. and there is a growing demand for video recording of the measurement event.

Both Dewetron & Dewesoft offer synchronized video and data recording with their range of cameras at up to 600 frames/sec, and support for specialist thermal and ultra high speed cameras with 10,000 f.p.s.

Software is often the key to measurement success and Dewesoft is the solution, with an intuitive user interface providing fast set-ups and maximum flexibility to handle the wide range of sensors supported by the hardware. In addition, application specific software options are available for a wide range of dedicated measurements such as power, combustion analysis, brake testing, human body vibration, modal analysis, order tracking and many more.

Systems range from eight channel USB instruments up to 128 channels and more with sampling speeds up to 5MS/s in a variety of packaging to suit the application.

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