Controlled, consistent coatings and bonding in a miniature design

Radial Spray Valve

Unique 782RA Series air-actuated spray system applies uniform 360° coating of lubricants, primers, and other low-to-medium viscosity fluids inside cylinders 25.4 mm to 304.8 mm (1 in. to 12 in.) in diameter.

Low volume, low pressure (LVLP) air is used to atomize the fluid, while a precision air motor drives a rotating air cap, which produces the radial output.

Main features are

  • Adjustable nozzle air
  • High transfer efficiency
  • No mist or overspray
  • Self-adjusting PTFE packings
  • Cycle rate exceeds 400/minute
  • Adjustable fluid flow rate
  • Low-maintenance design


The complete system includes the 782RA dispense valve, ValveMate™ 7160RA controller for easy deposit size and nozzle air pressure control, and the fluid reservoir supplied with precision, constant-bleed regulators to ensure consistent fluid pressure in the valve. 

Expert technical assistance and high quality standards ensure productive, trouble-free performance. EFD offers a full line of reliable dispensing systems to meet your specific application requirements


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