Compliant, cost-effective calibration

Endress+Hauser performs and advises on all aspects of calibration from in-situ testing through to fully accredited factory calibration. The company’s calibration facilities are all traceable to national standards and meet the requirements of ISO 17025. All are operated by trained and experienced service technicians.


Water flow calibration

Flowmeters from 8-100mm (or up to 80mm for Vortex meters) are calibrated against Endress+Hauser Promass Coriolis twin reference meters. Our rig is suitable for any meter with DIN/ANSI flanges, screwed threads or hygienic process connections and flow ranges from 0.5m³/hr to 70m³/hr (500 to 70,000 kg/hr). Thanks to software developed in the UK the calibration process is now fully automated, reducing the possibility of user error and ensuring that flowmeters are returned as quickly as possible.

The standard return time is just five working days, but we can return instruments sooner on request. Our pre-booking service, which tells us you’re planning to send an instrument for calibration, ensures the turnaround time is kept to an absolute minimum – even a same day service is possible! Instruments bigger than 100mm in diameter are sent to our primary calibration facilities in Europe.


Air flow calibration

Endress+Hauser is one of very few companies in the UK to offer air flow calibration. We are very proud of our dedicated air flow calibration rig because, as a leading manufacturer of gas flow equipment, we know that testing your instruments with right medium is important. So if your flowmeter is primarily used to measure gas, calibrating that device with air is more representative than a water flow calibration. You can rest assured that whatever type of calibration you choose, it will be carried out by highly skilled technicians with expertise in instrumentation.

Another advantage of the air flow calibration rig is speed: as there’s less demand for this specialist service we offer a faster turnaround, meaning you get your device back in the process as quickly as possible. We also offer very competitive pricing due to having our own in-house facility. An average competitive price for air flow calibration is in the thousands, yet our standard cost is just £495.

The air flow rig can calibrate vortex, Coriolis and thermal flowmeters in the following ranges:

  • Sizes:  8mm up to 80mm
  • Mass rates: 1.5 – 850 kg/hr
  • Volume rates: up to 600m3/hr (nominal pressure 1.5 barg – 3 barg)

The need to regularly check, calibrate and adjust instruments is a critical activity within every quality-controlled organisation. By sending your devices to Endress+Hauser for factory calibration you can be assured of the highest levels of accuracy and a fast turnaround. As well as flow calibration we offer calibration of pressure and temperature in a controlled environment.



Pressure calibrations are carried out in a controlled environment by one of our highly trained technicians, dedicated to calibrating your pressure instruments to your own metrological specifications in our state-of-the-art laboratory. We can calibrate device ranges from 20 mbarA up to 50 barg to a certified uncertainty of ±0.015 mbar in the range of 20 mbarA to 10 barg, or ±0.05 bar in the range 10 barg to 50 barg.



Temperature measurement is a vital factor in the quality control of your final product. In our in-house laboratory we will calibrate your temperature instrument to your specific requirements (from -15°C up to 650°C).



We now offer a calibration service for your Memosens digital sensors, either on site or in our laboratory. A final report would include all of the sensor’s calibration and operation history, including a chart showing historical slope and zero point – vital aids for predictive maintenance. We can also carry out conductivity and pH calibrations traceable to national and international standards.


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