Campbell Scientific Unveil the CR6 Multi-Purpose Datalogger and Offer the Chance to Win One

Campbell Scientific is excited to announce a major advance in data acquisition hardware when the CR6 Measurement and Control Datalogger is officially launched on September 20th. The launch coincides with the 40th Anniversary of Campbell Scientific who launched their first product in 1974.  

The webpage will go live on September 20th revealing the full specification of the CR6. Customers will be able to download a brochure, specification sheet and Campbell Scientific will start taking orders.

The CR6 combines new technology with tried and tested features from Campbell Scientific’s legacy dataloggers to offer unsurpassed flexibility and substantial integrated functionality. Typical of all Campbell Scientific dataloggers, the CR6 is ruggedly designed to provide reliable and accurate measurement data—even in harsh, remote environments.

Quality Analogue Measurements

Several years of research and testing have created a datalogger with better accuracy and precision than any of its predecessors. Lab-grade measurements are achievable in the ­ field, making this a must have datalogger for researchers.

  • 24-bit measurements: 24 bits of effective resolution are achievable with the 24-bit A/D sigma-delta converter—surpassing even the CR3000 in measurement resolution.
  • Three analogue ranges: Broad analogue input ranges of ±5 V, ±1 V, or ±200 mV maximize the 24 bits over almost any sensor output. Accuracy of better than ±0.025% of reading is now possible in normal field operating conditions.
  • Filtering options: The synch filter, adjustable from 5 Hz to 93 kHz (Fnotch), offers almost in­finite ­ filtering possibilities. Selecting lower frequencies will require more time for the measurement, but if speed is needed, the ­ filter frequency may be increased.
  • Low noise: At 5 Hz Fnotch on the ±200 mV range, better than ±80 nV resolution is possible due to the low noise design of the CR6 analogue input. Sensors with extremely low output voltage do not need external amplification.

Innovative Universal Terminals

The CR6 features ground breaking new ‘Universal Terminals’ which are software configurable to act as analogue or digital inputs or outputs making the logger extremely flexible. Under program control, U terminals can take on the role of analogue inputs or outputs to read virtually any analogue sensor. When confi­gured as a digital I/O, they can communicate with smart sensors, resolve frequency, or drive relays or VFDs.

Con­figurable Control and Relay Terminals complement the U terminals.  SW12 terminals provide higher current 12 V switches for turning on and of telecommunication or other devices. The C terminals add four more terminals that can function as digital I/O. They also support RS-485 sensors.

Integrated Functionality

Functionality previously available only through add-on peripherals is now integrated into one of the smallest dataloggers Campbell Scienti­fic has ever manufactured. This includes:

  • Power conditioning: You can connect a solar panel or other dc source directly to the CR6 with a rechargeable battery. No need for an external charger/regulator.
  • Card storage: Card slot allows up to 16 GB microSD industrial cards for storing more data, reducing site visits, and providing data redundancy.
  • Serial sensor support: Measure (RS-232 and RS-485 half or full duplex) serial sensors natively, without the cost of additional interfaces.
  • USB: USB port allows direct connection to a PC without a serial-to-USB dongle or other conversion device.
  • Vibrating wire: This is Campbell Scientific’s ­ first datalogger capable of making static vibrating-wire measurements without a separate peripheral. Our patented spectral analysis identi­fies and eliminates unwanted measurement noise.
  • Ethernet 10/100: Ethernet port means no additional interface with the added bene­fit of faster throughput for large data files, encryption, and IPV6.

Rugged, Reliable Design.

  • Temperature testing from -55°C to 85°C: Every CR6 must pass an extreme performance test of proper operation and calibration over an extended temperature range.
  • Surge ESD and overvoltage protection: The CR6 has been designed to EMC directive 2004/108/EC and product standard BS EN 61326:2013 which ensures performance in difficult environments.
  • Shock and Vibration Tested: The robust case and electronic design passed the stringent criteria of MIL-STD 810G method 514.6 random vibration test for composite wheeled vehicles and 516.6 shock test for transit drop.

The CR6 is fully compatible with current Campbell Scientific dataloggers; sharing the same CRBasic programming language operating system, simplifying the addition of stations to an existing network. The CR6 will sit alongside the existing CR200X Series, CR800 Series, CR1000, CR3000 and CR9000X models. The full range of dataloggers can be found at

Photo Competition – Win a CR6

There is an opportunity to win a CR6 in a photographic competition of Campbell Scientific products in action – see for details.

Campbell Scientific is a worldwide manufacturer of dataloggers, data acquisition systems, and measurement and control products. To learn more about Campbell Scientific or to ask questions of the company’s highly trained technical and sales support team, please visit

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