CAL-2 Calibrator

The CAL-2 from Stroud Instruments is a low cost hand-held current loop and voltage calibrator with a direct reading display. Designed with process instrumentation systems integrators in mind, the calibrator provides outputs in the range 0 – 20mA (sink and source) and 0 – 12 Volts. By connecting the calibrator in place of the signal transducer, signal converters, recorders, panel meters, trip amplifiers, etc. can be set up and checked for accuracy under controlled conditions.

Key features:

·         Source milliamps and volts

·         Simulate two-wire transmitters (current sink mode)

·         Fast selection between full-scale, zero and dial setting

·         Dial setting stored when switched off

·         Two speed dial setting

·         0.1% resolution

·         Direct reading display mA/Volts

·         Battery powered (universal mains power supply option)

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