BST eltromat to showcase sensors at Tyre Technology Expo

At this year’s Tyre Technology Expo, BST eltromat International will be presenting new technology for quality assurance systems for tyre manufacturing.

In Hannover, BST eltromat will be presenting an extensive sensor portfolio, showing not only ultrasonic and optical web edge sensors, but also digital sensors.

One highlight will be the multifunctional CCD CAM 100 line scan camera, which covers large measuring widths without moving parts. The company says the line scan camera requires neither expert knowledge, nor a laptop with special software for setting the measuring tasks. As a result, it can be integrated in machines with relative ease, and also replaced if necessary.

BST eltromat designed this camera not only to meet the demands of web guiding, but also for future inspection solutions, such as automatic running hole detection where the quality of the material webs has previously only been checked at individual points or randomly by point laser triangulation.

The range of sensors from BST eltromat will be completed by the sensor for layer thickness and basis weight measurement from its subsidiary BST ProControl. In Hanover, visitors can get information about a special laser sensor working with the triangulation measuring method and used in textile cord calender for tyre production. The laser sensor measures the thickness of the upper and lower rubber web before these are consolidated together in the textile cord calender. The measurement takes place directly on the roller. With the combination of two sensors it is also possible to measure the thickness of free running materials on textile cord calenders.

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