Board Cameras for Industrial Applications

Board-Level Cameras are used in a variety of applications for capturing images or video streaming. They are in effect uncased industrial cameras most often used in a large number of OEM imaging applications such as metrology, factory automation or machine vision.

ALRAD IMAGING offers a wide range of Board-Level Cameras from a number of the world’s leading manufactures including Artray, Matrix Vision, Sentech and The Imaging Source. There is a wide choice of sensor formats and types including CCD or CMOS, as well as various interfaces, including USB3, USB3, GigE Vision and analogue.

Board-Level Cameras are extremely versatile imaging devices that can be effective in nearly any environment or application due to the range of options available. There is a very extensive range of miniature lenses available (usually S-mount /M12), and most board cameras can also use C/CS mount lenses with adaptors.  The added attraction is the lower cost compared with the equivalent cased models.  All these factors make board cameras particularly attractive for OEM  implementation.


Alrad Photonics provides a wide range of Photonics products suitable for use in instrumentation

Among the range of products offered include:-

  • Infrared detectors, such as thermopiles and lead salt detectors which are suitable for gas analysis, temperature monitoring, firesuppression and medical applications.
  • Compact Laser Diode Modules includes units emitting blue, green, red and infrared outputs in a selection of powers. Most have integrated optics and power control circuitry so that users have only to provide power for the unit to be fully operational.
  • Laser Diode Drivers from IXYS Corporation.


Drivers for high power laser diodes either pulsed or quasi-CW mode, with pulse widths of 6ns to 10mS, and peak currents from 1A to 200A. Applications include…  laser range finders, laser speed detectors, LIDAR, imaging and driving diode pumped solid-state lasers.

  • Optical components and thin film coatings from 0.2um to 50um (UV to far IR)


Manufactured by Reynard Corporation to demanding specifications for military, aerospace, medical and telecommunication applications.

In-house services include design support, optical and mechanical, fabrication, photolithography, component sub-assembly and MIL-Spec environmental testing.

Reynard’s extensive manufacturing programme includes:-

–      Optical filters (for operation between 400 nm and 9.5 microns)

–      Prisms, mirrors, windows, flats, retardation plates and beam splitters

–      Custom coatings


  • Diffraction gratings from Bach Research

Product range includes plane, curved, reflection, transmission and echelle variants for both demanding high specification applications and cost-effective OEM requirements.

Targeted at both spectroscopic instrumentation  and high power laser applications.

  • Silicon diodes from Centronic are mainly designed to detect light, generate a photocurrent with an external quantum efficiency in the range 0.2 to 0.7 A/W in response to light in the wavelength range 200-1100nm.

In addition to light detection, Centronic also manufactures diodes specifically for direct detection of x-rays and charged particles (electrons) as well as indirect x-ray detection using scintillator assemblies.



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