Baker Hughes Druck sensor technology to play critical role in collaboration for aircraft hydrogen fuel control system development

Baker Hughes, an energy technology company, announced Thursday its participation in a groundbreaking hydrogen project, the Future Engine Technology for the Control of Hydrogen (FETCH). Baker Hughes is collaborating with Moog Inc. and others to develop key technology for future aircraft hydrogen fuel control systems.

Leveraging its extended portfolio of Druck pressure measurement technology and instrumentation, Baker Hughes will develop a bespoke dual pressure and temperature sensor, specifically designed to withstand the extreme range of operating temperatures to measure certain parameters of hydrogen, a critical process in the overall FETCH project. Baker Hughes will design, develop and manufacture its dual pressure and temperature sensors at its Druck facility in Groby, Leicestershire, U.K. 

The FETCH project, led by Moog Inc., also comprises the University of Bath/IAAPS, Cranfield University, companies Curtiss-Wright Corporation’s Sensors Division and Carter Manufacturing. The project has secured match funding from the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) Program, a joint government and industry investment to maintain and grow the U.K.’s competitive position in civil aerospace design and manufacture.

“We are excited to strengthen our long legacy of developing cutting-edge pressure measurement technology that is key to the energy transition,” said Gordon Docherty, general manager of Baker Hughes’ Druck product line. “The FETCH collaboration reflects our commitment to drive the development of hydrogen powered aircraft, and further extends Baker Hughes’ broad experience with managing challenging, complex hydrogen applications.”

Baker Hughes’ advanced technologies and solutions serve the entire hydrogen value chain, from production to transportation and utilization. The company’s portfolio includes advanced compressors, gas turbines, valves, centrifugal pumps, non-metallic pipes, hydrogen sensors, monitoring and diagnostics including inspection solutions for hydrogen embrittlement in production and storage, as well as clean power solutions to produce power with hydrogen and hydrogen blends.

The Baker Hughes Druck product line is a global leader in pressure measurement and instrumentation technology across a wide range of industries. With over 500,000 sensors already in operation to help control aircraft flight direction, fuel systems, hydraulics, cabin air pressure, engine oiling system, and many other applications, Druck sensors are widely used in in the aerospace sector.

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