Analysers enable fast measurement of water activity in perishable food and pharmaceutical products

Water activity in perishable foods and pharmaceutical products influences their shelf life, affecting such properties as the quality, stability, taste and aroma. Now, however, product samples can be analysed quickly – typically in less than five minutes – using Rotronic’s water activity analysers and probes.

Of additional benefit to users, the probes can be exchanged rapidly when calibration is due – no adjustment is needed due to the digital interface.

One example is the benchtop HygroClip 2 version of the company’s laboratory grade water activity analyser with AirChip3000 digital technology – the HygroLab C1. This instrument features four interchangeable probe units, which enable sensing stations and insertion probes to be connected for simultaneous Aw measurements to indicate product quality.

 The HygrolabC1 is available in a set that includes the benchtop Aw instrument, HW4 validated software, sensing station, a sample holder, sample liners and humidity standards so users can check sensor performance. The HW4 software, which is FDA 21 CFR Part II, enables remote monitoring on a PC, with measurements available graphically and in tabular form.

Also available from the company are portable Aw analysers designed for fast offline process checks and for goods inwards product quality assurance, including a handheld version with interchangeable probe, and a sensing station that connects via USB to a PC running the HW4 software.


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