Friswell Technologies Ltd

Friswell Technologies Ltd provide problem solving solutions tailored to your needs and requirements, and specialise in an array of different areas for OEMs, End Users and System Integrators.

We are also a UK designer and manufacturer of instrumentation, large figure displays and touchscreens.

A key area of specialism is in working alongside other organisations supporting their product development with bespoke electronic solutions. Project examples include a precision gravity clock timing control module, a light timing control system, interactive displays and vision camera units/detection of security inks.

We are always happy to discuss how we can support any product development with our bespoke electronic product solutions.

In 2018 we have released to the market our new Anthester Display Modules, which can be programmed for custom display resolutions up to 2K or 1080p full high definition. These plug into any DVI or HDMI monitor or TV to provide a custom-specific display to your requirements – including remote serial displays, web-based displays, clone/duplicate displays and vision camera viewer displays.

This year we have also developed a 7 inch and 10.1 inch HMI Touchscreen series, which provide a fully customisable display interface, allowing custom graphics and animations – giving you a more unique display functionality compared to ‘off the shelf’ HMI Touchscreens.

We also have a range of 2.3 inch 7 segment LED development display boards, including a tricolour (Red/Amber/Green) version, with an SPI interface for project use, with an industrial version to be released shortly.

Your manufacturing processes could benefit from our bespoke value-adding solutions targeted to reduce costs, material waste and down time, with a focus on improving reliability and increasing processing accuracy and efficiency.

We are Partners for TR Electronic and SensoPart which enables us to provide a specialist, professional and reliable service with excellent after sales care and backup assistance.

Our areas of speciality include: product/length measurement, angular/position measurement, speed/rate/draw measurement, product error/fault detection, product orientation, product colour differentiation or conformation, product detection, product marking, profile measurement, data logging, real time production and productivity OEE monitoring displays and systems.

Other areas of expertise include: Machine Vision Systems, Absolute & Incremental Encoders, Linear Encoders, SIL3 & ATEX Encoders, Short Range & Long Range Laser Distance Measurement and Photoelectric Sensors.

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