3D Stereo Camera System

The Imaging Source has created a practical and flexible stereo 3D vision solution suitable for many machine vision applications and ideal for getting started in the field of 3D depth sensing. The free software IC 3D allows for easy calibration via the user-friendly interface and ensures that the system can be quickly adapted to a large range of working distances and fields of view.

KEY features

  • Compatible with a variety of industrial cameras from The Imaging Source
  • Easily adaptable to new working distances and volumes
  • In systems with existing GPU, GPU-accelerated capture of 3D data
  • Easy calibration
  • Rapid visualization of depth cards and point clouds
  • Compatible with structured light sources for low-contrast surfaces


The IC 3D stereo camera system consists of two compatible industrial cameras, which are selected based on application requirements and mounted to a stable track. This track allows for rapid adjustments to camera distances and angles to realize various working distances and measurement volumes.


More information call 01635 30345 or email sales@alrad.co.uk

Imaging Solutions Group has just released an industry first USB3 Vision endoscope. This allows applications using the USB3 Vision standard to seamlessly connect to this unique imaging system. This scope has a very small diameter distal end with a high quality low distortion lens and integrated illumination. It is waterproof and sterilizable, giving it great value in medical endoscopy, industrial borescopes, machine vision, microscopy, and other applications that require optimal image quality.

  • 1.98mm scope end
  • 90 degree Field of View
  • 3mm – 50mm Depth of Field
  • 400 x 400 Distal end CMOS sensor
  • 30 FPS
  • Proprietary Low Noise Front End Electronics
  • Integrated Auto/Manual LED illumination
  • Exceptional LightWise Image Quality
  • Programmable Inputs and Outputs

For more information call 01635 30345 or email sales@alrad.co.uk



EMAIL sales@alrad.co.uk WWW.ALRAD.CO.UK

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