15 years of Bronkhorst UK, How our experience can help you

What does the modern marketplace look like for an instrumentation supplier; a lot different to how it did 15 years ago! As we, Bronkhorst UK, celebrate our 15th anniversary of delivering low flow fluidic solutions it is time to reflect on changes within the marketplace and how we have adapted to those.

The expectations of our customers has changed, spending 15 years sharing knowledge, information, holding technical seminars and teaching where required we have helped the industry develop into a more discerning customer base, people know what they want, what is possible and what is not, although some still ask.

Some of the industries we serve have seen Mass Flow Technology move into the commodity area of product, other industries still see it as a fundamental technological advantage to have in their process, application or instrument. Still other areas of our customer base are looking for bespoke solutions that can combine different aspects of our product portfolio to produce and end result that is not available ‘off the shelf’.  

We have structured our delivery to meet every expectation of the multiple industries, including; Semicon, Food and Beverage, Automotive, Water Industry and Analytical that we support and that has been reflected in our position as the number 1 supplier of Mass Flow Meters and Controllers to the UK and wider European markets.

The range of products that we offer as standard, our solutions based approach through a consultative process ensures that you get the best answer to your question.

Our in-house service and calibration facility offers post-sales support giving you access to factory trained and supported engineers that will ensure your instrument continues to perform at the highest levels throughout the lifetime of ownership.

We have 6 dedicated consultative Area Sales Managers alongside our Internal Sales team that are here to support you in developing a solution to your application. In addition to the physical resource you can all upon, our website: www.Bronkhorst.co.uk is full of supporting documentation and tutorials giving you access to all the information you will need to make an informed decision.

On-line we have FLUIDAT on the Net, an interactive website providing flow calculations and routines to support you in understanding and sizing instruments based on the specific properties of your applications

At Bronkhorst UK we have always been proud of the quality of the Instruments that we provide to the market and with good cause, our current Mean Time Between Failure calculation is 331 years with a Standard Deviation of 20 years. A figure like that can only be achieved by focusing heavily in the right areas, Quality Management, Production processes, Supplier Management, R&D. These are areas that often get overlooked in an organisation that is chasing growth or profit, but when you goal is to be reliable; these become key areas of focus and development.

Anticipating and responding to changes in the marketplace are important factors for our customers; one of our strength’s over the years has been our ability to deliver the individual and bespoke solutions required by the discerning customer. Of course we have to develop and improve our standard offering but so many of our customers demand that little bit extra that innovation has become a way of life and developing the next idea in partnership with our partners to ensure it is ready before it is needed is a common way of working at Bronkhorst.

In every endeavor there are things that can and cannot be achieved, the value of wisdom can sometimes be measured in knowing where to draw that line. While we have operated directly in the UK for 15 years, we are part of a Global group that has operated for 36 years in Instrumentation. Over that time you learn the value of honesty, openness and clarity in communicating with potential partners. Everyone wants to hear yes, however, the value of working with someone who is willing to say no cannot be underestimated.

What do we do:

Over the years we have provided many diverse solutions, our goal is to deliver value by understanding your needs and expectations and ensuring that the solution fits the need. We are a consultative team that is here to work with you in tandem to ensure that you have access to the latest technology in Flow, Pressure and Vapour instrumentation to achieve your desired results.

Our consultative process is designed to work with you, to ensure that you, the customer have access to our skills and knowledge without having to invest in the knowledge and experience directly. As a thought leader we are driven to help you achieve your goals and objectives through sharing our own knowledge and experience

ES-FLOW Ultrasonic principle

Coriolis principle

El-Flow Prestige Thermal Mass Flow Principle


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