UK distributor gains further Guildline Instruments territories

The team at UK-based Evolution Measurement are celebrating strengthening their relationship with partner Guildline Instruments after being awarded additional territories in Scandinavia and Finland.

Evolution Measurement currently supports the Canadian Instrument manufacturer in the UK, Ireland, France, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The additional territories clearly demonstrate Guildline Instruments’ confidence in Evolution Measurement.

Guildline Instruments is an Engineering Company that designs, manufactures and markets ultra-precise instruments for the fields of metrology and oceanography. Since 1957 their products have been used for research and as the primary instrument with respect to establishing traceability to fundamental electrical standards.

Evolution Measurement’s managing director, Paul Crowhurst said, “We have been working with the team at Guildline Instruments for just over two years. The quality and standard of product they produce is exceptional, which why we are able to confidently expand into new territories.”

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