Trescal in Spain obtains three new accreditations

Trescal in Bilbao expands its calibration offer with three new accreditations obtained in December 2017 and January 2018, under the N°33/LC10.182 ENAC reference.

The services can be operated both within the laboratory and on-customer’s site, in the following domains:

  • Dimensional: Trescal Bilbao is now able to offer calibration services for Point Internal Micrometers (with a measurement range from 6mm to 100mm large) and Gauge blocks (with a measurement range up to 1000mm). These skills are used in automotive and aeronautics sectors.
  • DC and Low Frequency Electricity: The electrical skills are now able to provide calibration for 60Hz+ tension transformers. With this new accreditation, the laboratory targets electrical components manufacturers and other laboratories.
  • Accelerometry: thanks to this new accreditation, Trescal can now provide calibration services for accelerometer sensitivity and acceleration (with a measurement range from 5m/s2 to 200m/s2). These skills are used in transport, automotive or aeronautics sectors.

With these new accreditations, Trescal’s customers will benefit in price and time. Trescal therefore reinforces its service-oriented strategy in Spain to maintain its position as a leader in calibration and measurement solutions.

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