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IoT Beyond PoC: A shift in mindset

In this article, Jason Kay, IMS Evolve, discusses how in many cases the goal of an IoT implementation is dictated by the technology, but just because the technology can provide a solution for the business, it does not necessarily mean it is the right one. The Internet of Things (IoT) …

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Kudelski Group and Voith announce strategic partnership

The Kudelski Group and Voith are to cooperate to provide a range of new services and solutions to secure connected technologies leveraged in industrial markets. The convergence of IT and OT environments enables operational efficiencies, new business models and data intelligence to drive predictive maintenance and better decision making. However, …

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5G is coming: What to expect and why

5th-Generation Wireless Systems (5G), says the optimist, will revolutionise our life as the 3G/4G systems did. While the majority are still waiting to link to the 4G network, the top telecoms have started the war for the next generation of mobile communication. 5G is expected to finally bring the autonomous …

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