Sentinel On Demand extended to support vibration monitoring terminals

EMS Brüel & Kjaer has announced the addition of ground vibration monitoring to its Sentinel On Demand environment monitoring service. Using EMS’s Vibration monitoring terminal, users can use the short term monitoring service to protect construction sites from structural damage, assess human comfort around rail projects and ensure correct operation of hospital MRI and other industrial imaging equipment. All available On Demand, accessed over the web and delivered within three days’ notice for a low monthly fee. 

Sentinel On Demand has been operating for 4 years with noise and meteorological monitoring instrumentation. Now customers will also be able to select ground vibration monitoring when they order the service over the web. Equipment is dispatched to site with easy to follow setup instructions to start measurements in under an hour.

David Currie, Product Manager for Sentinel said, “Sentinel On Demand is proving popular with noise consultants and construction where short term measurements are used for planning purposes. The addition of vibration makes it more compelling. “Many customers experience the benefits of Sentinel on Demand and go on to contract long term monitoring projects with improved cost efficiency”

Sentinel On Demand users can deploy quickly with the minimum of effort and don’t have to invest in instrumentation that may sit idle after the project completes”. Available now with noise, ground vibration and weather.

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